TfL London Underground Concept Project

The Brief

Due to the rapid expansion of the London Underground and the immediate need to ensure it can cope with demand, it is evident that the tube as we know it will become even more crowded, less personal, and ultimately more frustrating for the London commuter.

Design a concept of ‘commuter engagement’ that eradicates the negative thoughts and mindset the passenger experiences throughout their journey. TV, radio, film, and music streaming are not allowed.

To be considered

  • Transport for London’s branding and visual style
  • The audience
  • Use of imagery colour and type
  • Delivery – placement, distribution, technology limitations
  • Cost efficency


  • “Working” documents – showing idea development and drafts
  • Final concept – poster, card, screen layout. Any medium is acceptable, as long as it adheres to the brief and considerations.

I began by mind mapping the London Tube, looking at what it’s used for and the hierarchy of customer needs as found in the station idiom located on the TfL website, considering the brand guidelines also found on the TfL website and working with the Johnson ITC type family for any design work.

An initial I had was to create a series of ‘jokes’ that would be printed throughout the tube stations but I thought this wasn’t exciting enough so went on to develop the idea further.

The brief wants to alleviate some of the negative surrounding the tube and how busy it is becoming. An idea I came up with was to give free tickets out on Valentines Day – basically letting everybody travel for free. Then I thought about the cost of this to the London Underground which I assume would be massive. An important consideration of the brief is to consider the cost and keep the project financially efficient.

I changed the idea to be more about two people travelling together on Valentine’s Day – buy one ticket and two people can travel together on Valentine’s Day. This wouldn’t alienate people who were single because even friends could benefit.

Another consideration would have been to source a sponsor for this campaign – potentially who could fund fire tickets for everyone on Valentine’s Day. Love from your tube.